‚ÄčWelcome to Spindletop Medical Records 

If you are at Beaumont Youth Mental Health, Beaumont Consumer Benefits, Port Arthur, Orange or Silsbee locations call (409)784-5623 for assistance with the Authorization for Release form.

If you are in the lobby of Building A you can lift the handset on the table and select Contact Medical Records from the screen,  then select "Start Video Call". You can also call (409)784-5623 from your phone. 

The Central Records staff will assist you in filling out the Authorization for Release form and will print, email or fax your records to you securely. 

Records emailed and faxed for continuity of care are provided at no charge. 

We are looking forward to assisting you and providing you excellent customer service.

If you have any issue with this service or the team providing the service please contact the Records Supervisor at (409) 761-1953.